Pest Control Services

Our pest management services are developed around the needs of real people just like you and me. I know that you’re concerned about the safety of you and your family, your business and your clients, just like I am. Caring about that, The Bugyman Exterminators have carefully developed our service programs to meet and exceed your personal needs when investing in something as important as pest control. We know that you want peace of mind when you purchase and invest in something that will provide greater safety while living in your home or running your business, because we are also consumers just like you, and we all expect nothing less than whats expected. So, with that in mind, our pest management system has been designed to be consistent and thorough. Each of our staff members are courteous and caring. And our field technicians provide you with consistent and caring service.

The following pages and the service principles within each service program are similar between each application but very specific to the problem pest at hand.

Take your time and review our various service programs listed under the following classifications of service types:

Service Programs

 General Pest Management Principles

Each pest management job must be analyzed separately, and five basic steps are involved:


Inspection is essential to solving pest problems. It includes asking questions of you and examining your premises thoroughly to learn as much as possible about the problem. During the inspection, the technician will look for the harborage areas of pests, any conditions of moisture, heat or darkness which favor infestations, food and water that can be utilized by the pests, the most probable ways that the pest is entering the premises, and the evidence of infestation (such as damage, droppings, tracks, as well as actual specimens or their cast skins). The inspection will also give the technician some idea of the measures that may or may not be used as well as safety precautions that may be necessary.


Positive and accurate identification many times is the key to the success of the program due to the fact that all pests are different in nature and in habitat. All pests have unique characteristics which make them a pest. One may only cause problems while in the beginning of there life cycle, others may be a concern only while laying there eggs on items which may become damaged, while others are a concern and a health hazard throughout all stages of there existence. So it is very important to know the problem before going after the solution.


Recommendation of how we can help you eliminate the pest problem will be made after the inspection and all the facts surrounding the problem are known. The recommendation will include two things:

* What material we will be using and in what areas it will be applied.

* What you should do in the way of harborage elimination, building repairs, as well as any sanitation measures that should be done in order to assist in effective control of the pest.


Treatment may include sanitation and harborage removal services, the use of traps or other devices to catch or prevent pests from entering your premises, as well as using pesticides. The pesticide chosen will be the type that is most effective in controlling your specific pest and will be applied correctly and in a safe manner. The technician will apply a barrier along the exterior base of your home, around all ground level windows, along any patio areas, in all overhead corners and eves which pests may harborage, around electrical boxes and water meters where pests often hide, along the foundation of all fenced areas, as well as any other area that the technician may find necessary to service. The technician will most likely want to apply a barrier along the interior of your home as well as the upper corners of each room where pests often live. For your benefit, it is recommended that you offer him access to as much of your home as possible by pulling movable items away from the baseboards so he can serve you best.


Generally, the best way to serve you is on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service program. The reason why is because the technician will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your pest management program by re-inspecting your place to determine the effectiveness of any recommendations he may have given you as well as evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment of material.

  Specialized Services for Specific Pests